Thursday, 31 January 2008

NEWSFLASH! Ryanair, shit again

Globus despises Ryanair. Their chief, Michael O'Leary, is a properly offensive little gobshite. Their peutrid-yellow interiors, unendearing cattle-class concept and confuckingfusing add-on price structure is at odds with any quality traveller. Now they've offended someone else with their latest ad in France; a thought bubble above French President Sarkozy's girlfriend saying 'with Ryanair all my family can come to my wedding'. She's now sueing them for a preposterous £300k claiming that's how much a photo of her costs. Globus gleefully posts the pic here nicked free off Google. Judging by the state France is in these days, Sarkozy should have far more important stuff to attend to - but he's also sueing, for 1 Euro out of symbolism - the pompous French twat. Bonnet de douche!


Anonymous said...

Anyone sueing those bastards at Ryanair deserves credit.

ric said...
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