Tuesday, 25 March 2008

NEWSFLASH! Honda boffin bullshit

Globus has been muchly irked by Honda's TV advertising campaign for some time, finding it just far too touchy-feely-wanky. Grrrr! Irony is, producing that drivel probably cost them a couple of million.
Ha ha! With such decision-making skills, these people could almost be New Labour.

Now, alas, Honda reach a new low. Yes, the company that brought us generations of blue-rinsed-Jazz-drivers, dull company-car-Accord-drivers, boy-racer-TypeR-drivers (remember, it IS still a civic, and you DO still have 'Honda' on your keyfob), and the useless 'off-road' HRV/CRV; Honda now have the gall to present another potential for our government to impinge on our liberty and fleece us for more motoring fines, to boot. Check this shit out, it's scary. A 'black box' which could monitor what we get up to in our motors. Holy back-seat-prom-night horseshit! The aim is to reduce accidents - my ass. Globus was alerted to this by a call on his mobile from a mate whilst he was mid-Big Mac, on the A21 cutting up some rice boy twunt over-revving some ugly jap car. Nearly dropped the fucking mobile during the manouevre, too, but that's another story.

This boffin-brained Honda cocksuck clearly doesn't give much of an ass about the motorist OR the fact that their cars look mostly shit (Accord, Insight, CRV et al). If they are wasting their time putting jigsaws together in crappy commercials, or conjuring up hairbrained schemes like this, then Honda really can fuck right off.


fleetofworlds said...

My mother, who still pines for her Austin Montego, and had two (TWO) Chrysler Alpines in succession) currently drives a Honda CRV, which tells you everything you need to know about Honda IMHO.

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Well now I have learned some new terms for the day, thank you globus! I never knew what a Rice Boy was and now I do. I THINK my life is enriched.

angel said...

i've never liked honda either! though i must be honest our tv ads aren't too bad...

ric said...
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